How 12 Hours of Non-Stop Gaming Can Change Lives

The Marathon Idea

A gaming marathon is like any other. It sounds cool, it will make you feel good, some would say one with the universe, (and look cool too) and leave you physically broken for at least the same amount of time you spent conquering it. This was my first marathon ever and my first stream on my newly established Twitch channel but we were determined and beautifully naive about the whole thing.

marathon morning stroll

When I say ‘we’ I mean my boyfriend Vince, me & our doggie, Sammy. Because we are no half pints we decided to spend full 12 hours (each of us, no cheating!) of our free time pinned to our chairs under the public’s eye… playing games! Except a few short necessary breaks we played and streamed World of Tanks totally missing on the nice day out that is so rare here in England, especially in winter. Now let’s get  to the big question.

Why??$!1!! Why, for charity!

24 hour gaming for Specialeffect


Specialeffect is an awesome charity with an even more awesome idea behind them. I can go on and on about the cause they support but I think it’s just better if you see it for yourselves – check out their YouTube channel. Short story long: these guys make it possible for disabled people to have fun playing games. How cool is that?

I’ve heard about Specialeffect and what they do a while ago but I’ve never really taken an active approach towards supporting their cause. This year was different. We formed a team named after our cute and always hungry for-legged friend, his fuzzy lordship Sampson. As our mascot he appeared on our stream multiple times and had a share of the giant pizza we ordered halfway through our marathon as a gaming fuel.

Our dog Sammy as the mascot of our Gameblast team

Our dog Sammy as the mascot of our Gameblast team

Our Goals or Hitting People Up For Money Promising Silly Things Works?

We are no fund-raiser pros but we were pleased that within a week we were able to beat our £100 goal by using various abusive methods we’ve learned from the bribing master Sammy throughout the years. And with such success in no time we resorted to some funky ideas that would bring more treasure into the chest:

 “We’ve hit our original target of £100!!! Now for some stretch goals:

£150 – We’ll stream again next weekend for 4 hours

£200 – We’ll stream next weekend in military/pilot attire

£500 – We’ll do another marathon next weekend in full military garb only speaking in quotes from war movies”

I’ll Be Back!

Since there is still time to donate I can’t yet confirm which one of these it will be but suffice to say we will stream again. What I can say for sure though is that even though my back was killing me, I was getting that genuine more-zombie-than-a-human look after about 9 hours of streaming it and spent most of my Sunday recovering from the marathon experience, it was worth it! 

Sacrificing 12 hours for a chance of making a difference to someone’s life puts your free time activity schedule in the right perspective. Besides, being a gamer and working in the gaming industry it just made perfect sense to give back to the community. 

A big thank you to all that donated

and supported the worthy cause!

PS: next year we’ll be recruiting team members to form even bigger team (and thus each of us can look a bit more alive towards the end 😉 )



Specialeffect YouTube page/stories:

Our Fundraising Team Page:


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