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Starring Sammy, the Dog

Meet Sammy. The always hungry, always cute Labrador-German Shepard mix whose love I bought 6 years ago with a piece of doggie chocolate. It was well worth it, it came attached with a boyfriend šŸ™‚

A few weeks ago I bought my first video camera, a small, handy and very cool Sony action cam. What did I attached it to first? Guess!


Behind The Scenes

You’ve probably heard about GoPro. A small smart camera for sport maniacs. Sony has something similar. It’s catchy name is Sony HDR-AS100V. It’s a little camcorder that can record HD videos, time-lapse, underwater videos, etc… you name it. Ā So when I ordered mine I got it with a few fun accessories. Yes, oneĀ of those was aĀ dogĀ harness.

Mounting the harness was a cake. Keeping the camera in upright position was a different story. Sony action cam prides itself with a superb image stabilisator but a dog is a dog. A dogĀ moves and, surprisingly, to the question “Le’ts put a weird machine on yourĀ back” most of the time replies – “F*ck no!” But after many many tries, I found a way how to fit it so it wouldn’t bug him so much… or Sammy resigned, I don’t know šŸ™‚ Here’s both of them – the machine and the dog:

Sammy The Cyber Dog 1.1

As you can imagine some shots were easier to get than others. As a rule of thumb – whenever food is involved, the for legged stars perform the best.

Sammy's most favourite shooting location.

Sammy’s most favourite shooting location.

And finally some moving pictures orĀ Mission ‘Woof Action Cam’ Results

Look at world from a dog’s point of view – in this case 50cm/20″ above the ground.

*Disclaimer: This video contains shaky images, animal nudity and might result in drooling.Ā 

Have a tip for a video? Leave it in the comments! šŸ˜‰Ā Ā I’ll write more on the dog harnesses in the next post.


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