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So You Want to Be Rocky?

Hitting the gym 5 days a week, thinking about what you eat more than you probably need to and slowly building that perfect body… That training montage video of you becoming stronger, better, more awesome plays in your head and you feel like Rocky…


…and then you f*cking hurt yourself. And you are not Rocky anymore cause you were never really prepared to that sequence where they knock you out in the ring. Let me tell you, it sucks. You are no Rocky, you are wining at home to your partner and are a grumpy bastard at work.

It’d had been 6 months before I had injured my back. At the beginning I wasn’t sure about going to gym but I wanted to feel more fit and to be healthy. Of course, I wanted to shed some pounds too. So I started to exercise and felt better within the first month. Major difference. I had suddenly more energy, felt more positive and confident and there was this cool effect on my body – I became thinner as well.

Suddenly being healthy wasn’t ENOUGH. The daily dose of endorphins after running left me feeling good but wanting more. Each pound lost made me look at how many more I can lose if I push it more. The pages in exercise apps made me realize there are many many muscles that I don’t normally exercise. So of course I felt enlightened and set to become perfect.


One day, a personal trainer from my gym offered me a lesson for free. So I took it. It was about 45 minutes and we took our time. He explained the exercises to me and we performed them slowly together until I was getting the correct form right. Then added some light weights. I felt utterly spent but great afterwards. Unfortunately, the prices they charge meant I never invested again into a personal trainer.

I kept pushing it, wanting more. What was it that I really wanted? And then I injured myself. Exercising with friends is great. It’s social, it’s fun, it motivates you. But, I pushed it too far wanting to be able to do everything they do. How silly. Silly silly silly.

It’s been a month and my back is still aching. On top of that it just gets agonizingly worse when sitting behind my desk. Which is what I do for living. Which is why I started exercising in the first place. To be more fit, to be healthy.

Now I’m Rocky, that is a bit broken, fighting the pain, anger and worries. Staying positive can be freaking difficult sometimes, believe you me!

Now my objective is once again – being healthy. Lesson learned.


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